It is difficult to be both short and concise.
That’s why I choose this path, but invite all those interested
to replace mine with their personal perspective.

Who I am

  • Doctor and psychotherapist
  • A person with a past (and humor, it is claimed)
  • Owner of a homepage

Who or how I want to be

  • Holistic and self-organizational thinking partner and
    Companion of my patients and clients.
    Open to the future, mine like yours!
    Equipped with the sense for the essentials, thus:
    Call if you have questions.

A wonderful quote on the subject gave me a patient:

„I have always refused to be understood.
To be understood means to prostitute. “
I prefer to be taken seriously as the one I am not
and to be misjudged as a person with decency and naturalness.

Fernando Pessoa, Book of restlessness



If you want to have it more accurate, here can
like to look at my profile at Xing.

What is currently happening around my work and practice, you can find out here.